Wide-spectrum High Power Non-PM Fiber Laser

Product Instruction:

Using single oscillator configuration and optimized electromechanical structure design, the highest level of 100W near diffraction limit continuous laser output, anti-reflected light.Compact, lightweight and highly reliable, it is an ideal light source for plastic welding, biomedicine, scientific research and mid-infrared pumping.Some technical parameters can be customized according to user requirements.

Applications: Scientific Research

Product Features:

All fiber structure

Maximum Power 100W

High beam quality


Center Wavelengthnm1064 / 1080
Polarization Characteristics/Random polarization
Working Mode
Laser Linewidthnm≤ 15@3dB
Output PowerW100
Beam QualityM²1.2 / 1.3
Power Stability(48h)%<4
Operating VoltageVAC220
Electro-optical efficiency%≥ 31
Cooling Mode/Water cooling@ Cooling power ≤ 200W
Operating Temperature10 - 35
Storage Temperature-40 - 85
Output ModeBare fiber with 900μm loose tube
Interface control/RS232 PC control or Touching Screen Control

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