PM Wide Spectrum Continuous Fiber Laser

Product Instruction:

Using single oscillator +MOPA amplification and optimization of the mechanical and electrical structure design, high efficient 1064nm or 1080nm wavelength 30W near diffraction limit continuous laser output, effectively suppress the self-excitation and ASE caused by end reflection. The lasers are compact and light, high reliability. Some technical parameters can be customized according to user requirements.

Applications: Scientific Research etc.

Product Features

Operating wavelength: 1064nm & 1080nm Average Power:  30W
Operating Mode: Continuous Wave (CW)Beam Quality:  Near diffraction limit
Extinction ratio: 18dBFull PM structure


ParameterUnitMin. ValueTypical ValueMax. Value
Output PowerW3030/
Power instability%/±2±5
Polarization state/   Linear polarization
Beam QualityM²
Center Wavelengthnm1063/10791064/10801065/1081
spectral linewidthnm/15dB@3dB/
Extinction ratiodB1818/
Cooling Mode
Water cooling @ Cooling power ≤ 50W
Operating VoltageV
Operating Temperature102535
Storage Temperature-202560
Output bare fiber lengthm
Output connectorBare fiber with 900μm loose tube
Interface control/RS232 PC control or Touching Screen Control

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