High Precision Fluorinated Capillary Tube

The high precision fluorinated capillary tube provided by RAYH Photonics can choose fully fluorinated and partially fluorinated. With good size control, length, wall thickness, inside and outside ratio can be customized. Can meet the optical, medical, electronic and other applications.

Product Features: 

◼ Geometric dimension hyperfine control

◼ A variety of doping materials, different doping ratio

◼ Custom size

◼ The length can reach 1m

◼ Good batch consistency

◼ High purity silica material


◼ Insulating structural parts

◼ Pump cladding

◼ In analytical chemistry

◼ Medical probe

Product Parameters

ParamtersCapillarity TubeQuartz Rod
Outer diameter (OD)(mm)0.5 → 10.0
OD / ID ratio1.2 → 10.0NA
OD tolerance (μm)±50
MaterialSilica, Dope Silica (F, Ge...)
Length (mm)50 → 1000
Wall thickness (μm)>100NA

High Precision Fluorinated Capillary Tube

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