CPCI and VPX chassis power supply

RAYH photonics can provide various OEM power supplies with reliable quality and stable performance to customers. The products cover from tens of kilowatt shelter power supplies to small several hundreds of watt VPX power supplies.

Since the company establishment, the company has also undertaken the research and development of drive systems for major laser projects of users (including continuous, pulse and ultra fast rising edge power supply systems, etc.).

The products have been successfully applied to ultra high power laser devices, laser radars, etc. In recent years, the company has also developed and manufactured a series of semiconductor laser aging systems. All components, including high-power laser power supply, water-cooled integrating sphere, and measurement and control system, are provided by the company. It can test almost all packages such as aging C, F-mount, water-cooled LD, microchannel LD, array LD, and optical front Coupling LD. It is one of the few enterprises in China that can manufacture a complete set of large-scale laser aging devices.

The company has obtained the national software enterprise certification, and has a number of copyrights and patents for photoelectric measurement and control and digital power supply software. The products are mainly used in industrial fields and research institutes and so on.

In recent years, in order to meet the requirements of high speed bandwidth, VPX power supply also put forward new challenges.Our single AC VPX power supply can reach 1200W, there are air-cooled, guided cooling, liquid cooling and other models.

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