about us


RAYH Photonics is a laser technology company, established in Shenzhen Qianhai Free Trade Zone in 2017 by a number of senior practitioners and experts.

In 2018, RAYH Photonics officially opened the R&D and production center in Shenzhen Baoan Taohuayuan Innovation Technology Park.

In 2020, the research and development and production adjustment of optical fiber components  transferred to Dongguan.

RAYH Photonics focuses on high-power optical fiber devices, miniaturized optical fiber devices, 2um wavelength and customized lasers, spectral synthesis, coherent synthesis, laser products, optical passive devices, optical and optoelectronic components, optoelectronic equipment, mechanical equipment, electromechanical equipment R&D, production and sales of equipment and related fiber processing equipment and testing equipment for fiber laser applications.

Product categories include high-power fiber lasers, semiconductor pump lasers, laser seed sources, phase modulation seed sources, single-frequency seed sources, ultrafast lasers, pump beam combiners, signal beam combiners, laser transmission devices, various types of optical fibers, gratings , polarization dependent optical devices, passive devices (couplers, WDM, beam splitters), fiber fusion splicers, fiber cleavers, fiber coaters, fiber strippers, fiber refractive index analyzers, mode analyzers, optical frequency Domain reflectometer, power meter, laser barrier cleaning machine, laser cleaning machine, laser welding machine, etc.


The purpose of the company is to achieve customers and achieve self.


company culture

Achieve customers, achieve self

We respect the law of industry development, continuously accumulate and improve R&D and management capabilities, and strive to become a leading enterprise in the industry.

We follow the common value concept, respect the corporate culture of teamwork, attach importance to the overall achievements of the team, create synergistic value, strive to seek win-win for the society, customers, employees and shareholders, and promote the sustainable development of the industry.

People-oriented, respecting talents, advocating teamwork, creating a good working environment and development space for employees; realizing personal value through hard work, and realizing the common development of the company and employees through teamwork;

Based on the long-term, adhere to the principle of win-win, and cooperate with partners for mutual benefit, and ensure to provide suitable profit packages for partners .