Ytterbium Doped ASE Light Source

Applications:Test Light Source

Summary: Ytterbium doped ASE source box type laser system, the built-in optical fiber coupled laser diode, adopting TEC air cooling temperature control, current regulation accuracy 0.01 A, temperature control precision of 0.01 ℃, with over temperature protection, and other functions, can be set up the parameters such as limit current limiting, threshold current, peak regulation, have power interlock function, can cooperate with customers' other equipment remote control signal.


ParameterUnitTypical Value
Center Wavelengthnm1064
Output PowermW0-130
Power StabilityPeak to peak<1.5%@25℃
spectrum width(10dB)nm≥50
Fiber Type
Fiber Jacket Type
PVC Jacket
Fiber Connector
Fiber Output Mode
Non pluggable
Indicator Light Function

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