RAY-FLC50B/100B Laser Cleaner

Laser cleaning is a new technology based on the interaction between laser and material, which can achieve the effect of removing surface contamination and attachment of objects.Compared with traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning has the advantages of non-contact, no damage to the substrate, accurate cleaning, 'green' environmental protection and online, especially suitable for high-speed online cleaning in specified areas.

Operation Environment
Power SupplyBuilt-in battery,50W working for 2.5hBuilt-in battery,100W working for 1.5h
Optional single-phase 220V±10%, 50/60 hz AC
 Overall Power Consumption<300W<500W
Operating ambient temperature5℃~40℃
Operating ambient humidity≤80%
Optical Parameters
Average laser power≥50W≥100W
Power Stability Better than 5%Better than 5%
Laser operation modePulsePulse
Pulse width10-500ns tunableness10-500ns tunableness
Maximum monopulse energy1.5mJ1.5mJ/2.0mJ
Peak power20kW20kW
Beam Quality(M2)≤1.8≤1.8
Power regulating range(%)10-100(The gradient is adjustable)10-100(The gradient is adjustable)
repetition frequency(kHz)1-1000(The gradient is adjustable)1-1000(The gradient is adjustable)
Fiber Length1.8m(Customizable)1.8m(Customizable)
Cooling modeforced air coolingforced air cooling
Cleaning head parameters
Scanned area(Lenght*Wide)5mm~120mm,Continuously adjustable;5mm~120mm,Continuously adjustable;
Scanning frequency10Hz~300Hz Continuously adjustable10Hz~300Hz Continuously adjustable
Field lens focal length(mm)160mm/210mm160mm/210mm
Focal depthMaximum 20mmMaximum 20mm
Mechanical parameter
Overall Dimensions(Lenght*Wide*Hight)About 330mm*160mm*465mmAbout 330mm*160mm*465mm
Overall Weight< 15 Kg(Including Battery)< 15.5 Kg(Including Battery)
Cleaning head weight< 1.5Kg(Including isolator)< 1.5Kg(Including isolator)
Operating modeHandheldHandheld

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