High Power Dual-stage Isolator (TGG Type, 780nm to 1064nm)
Product features:Application:
Low insertion lossFiber Amplifier
High return lossTesting system
High isolationMOPA Fiber Laser
High stability and reliabilityFiber Laser


Center Wavelengthnm1064, 1030, 980, 915, 850, 808, 780
Center Wavelength Tolerancenm±5
Typical peak isolation (23℃)dB65
Minimum isolation (23℃)dB55
Typical Insertion Loss (23℃)dB0.8
Maximum Insertion Loss (23℃)dB1.2
Maximum polarization dependent loss (Non-PM Fiber type)dB0.2
Minimum Extinction Ratio (PM Fiber type)dB20
Minimum return loss (Input / Output)dB45
Maximum Handling Power (CW)W20 or Specify
Maximum Handling Peak Power (nanosecond-pulse)kW10
Maximum Pull forceN5
Package Dimensionmm150x28x26
Working temperature+10~+50
Storage temperature0~+60

For the devices with connectors, the max. handling power 1 W, IL will be 0.3dB higher, RL will be 5dB lower, and ER will be 2dB lower for each connector added. Connector key is aligned to low axis.

 HPMIS-1111-23-444-56-7-88-99AA (PM Fiber type)  /  HPIIS-1111-23-444-56-7-88-99AA (Non-PM Fiber type)

1111 - Center Wavelength:  1064=1064nm, 1030=1030nm, 980=980nm,.....
     2 - Single / Dual stageD=Dual stage
     3 - Working Axial Direction:B=Both axis working, F=Slow axis working / fast axis blocked, N=Non-PM
   444 - Fiber Type:003=PM980, 004=HI1060, 014=PM1060L, SSS=Specify
     5 - Package Dimension:0=150x28x26mm
     6 - Fiber Pigtail Type:0=Bare Fiber, 1=900μm Loose Tube
     7 - Fiber Pigtail Length: 0.75=0.75m, 1.0=1m, S=Specify
    88 - Connector Type:  0=FC/UPC, 1=FC/APC, 2=SC/UPC, 3=SC/APC, N=No Connector, S=Customize
    99 - Average Power:   00=500mW, 01=1W, 05=5W, 10=10W, 20=20W, SS=Specify
    AA - Peak Power:00=Continuous spectrum,10=10kW, 20=20kW

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