Isolator+ Polarization Beam Splitter/ Combiner (IPBS/IPBC)
Product features:Application:
Low insertion lossErbium-doped and Raman Fiber Amplifier
High return lossFiber Sensing
High extinction ratioCoherent Communication System
High stability and reliabilityPolarization mode dispersion compensator


Single / Dual stage-Single StageDual Stage
Center Wavelengthnm20001550, 1310106420001550, 1310
Center Wavelength Tolerancenm±20±20±5±20±20
Typical Insertion Loss  (23℃)dB0.60.451.80.70.55
Max. Insertion Loss  (23℃)dB1.
Typical reverse isolation (23℃, P3→P1 & P2)dB3535355151
Min.Isolation (23℃, P3→P1 & P2)dB2020254242
Min. Extinction Ratio (23℃)dB2020202025
Min. return lossdB50
Max. Handling Power (CW)mW300
Max. Pull forceN5
Fiber TypeP1 & P2-PM Fiber
P3-SMF-28E, HI1060 or PM Fiber
Working temperature-5~+70
Storage temperature-40~+85

For the devices with connectors, IL will be 0.3dB higher, RL will be 5dB lower, and ER will be 2dB lower for each connector added. Connector key is aligned to low axis. 

 IPBC-1111-23-444-555-67-8-999  /  IPBS-1111-23-444-555-67-8-999

1111 - Center Wavelength:2000=2000nm, 1550=1550nm, 1310=1310nm, 1064=1064nm,.......
   2 - Single / Dual stage:S=Single Stage, D=Dual Stage
   3 - Working Axial Direction:                                                                    (P3→P1 & P2):1=Non PM Fiber→PM Fiber(PBS) / PM Fiber→Non PM Fiber(PBC)
2=PM Fiber→PM Fiber, P3 slow axis 0° align with P1
3=PM Fiber→PM Fiber, P3 slow axis 45° align with P1
 444 - Fiber Type (P3):001=PM1550, 003=PM980, 004=HI1060, 008=SMF-28E, SSS=Customize
 555 - Fiber Type (P1 & P2):001=PM1550, 003=PM980, SSS=Customize
   6 - Package Dimension:0=φ5.5x35mm, 1=φ5.5x50mm, S=Customize
   7 - Fiber Pigtail Type:0=Bare Fiber, 1=900μm Loose Tube, S=Customize
   8 - Fiber Pigtail Length:0.75=0.75m, 1.0=1.0m, S=Customize
 999 - Connector Type:0=FC/UPC, 1=FC/APC, 2=SC/UPC, 3=SC/APC, N=No Connector, S=Customize

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