1018nm Pumping Source

Product Instruction:

Using single oscillator configuration and optimized electromechanical structure design, high efficient 1018nm wavelength 300W near diffraction limit continuous laser output is achieved, which can effectively suppress the self-excitation and ASE caused by end reflection.The products are compact, lightweight and highly reliable, it is an ideal light source for scientific research and cascade pumping. 6kW module can be obtained by 19×1 signal beam combinator, 30kW module can be synthesized by (6+1) *1 beam combinator, and some technical parameters can be customized according to user requirements.


Scientific Research etc.

ParameterUnitMin. ValueTypical ValueMax. Value
Output PowerW300330/
Power instability%//±2
Plug efficiency%30//
Polarization state/Random
Beam Quality①(M²)/1.11.3/
Center Wavelengthnm101710181019
spectral linewidthnm/1/
ASE suppression ratio②dB3035/
Operating Temperature102540
Storage Temperature-202560
Dimensionmm360 × 540 × 42
Gross weight③kg/8.5/
Output fiber type/20/130um
5kW Output fiber type/135/155um
30kW Output fiber type/30/400um

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