High Power Circulator (TGG, 780nm to 1064nm)
Product features:Application:
Low insertion lossFiber Amplifier
High return lossTest system
High stability and reliabilityMedical Equipment


Center Wavelengthnm1064, 1030, 980, 915, 850, 808, 780
Center Wavelength Tolerancenm±5
Typical peak isolation  (23℃)dB25
Minimum isolation (23℃)dB22
Typical Insertion Loss (23℃)dB1.3
Maximum Insertion Loss  (23℃)dB1.5
Maximum polarization dependent loss(23℃, Non-PM Fiber type)dB0.15
Minimum Extinction Ratio (23℃, PM Fiber type)dB20
Minimum return loss (Input/Output)dB45
Minimum crosstalkdB45
Maximum Handling Power (CW)W20 或指定
Maximum Handling Peak Power (nanosecond-pulse)kW10
Maximum Pull forceN5
Package Dimensionmm70x28x26
Working temperature+10~+50
Storage temperature0~+60

For the devices with connectors, IL will be 0.3dB higher, RL will be 5dB lower, and ER will be 2dB lower for each connector added. Connector key is aligned to low axis.

HPMCIR-1111-2-3-444-56-7-888-99AA (PM Fiber type)  /  HPICIR-1111-2-3-444-56-7-888-99AA (Non-PM Fiber type)

1111 - Center Wavelength:1064=1064nm, 1030=1030nm, 980=980nm,......
     2 -  Port type:3=3-Port
     3 -  Working Axial Direction:B=Both axis working, F=Slow axis working/fast axis blocked, N=Non-PM
   444 - Fiber Type:003=PM980, 004=HI1060, 014=PM1060L, SSS=Customize
     5 - Package Dimension:0=70x28x26mm, S=Customize
     6 - Fiber Pigtail Type:0=Bare Fiber, 1=900μm Loose Tube
     7 - Fiber Pigtail Length:0.75=0.75m, 1.0=1m, S=Customize
   888 - Connector Type0=FC/UPC, 1=FC/APC, 2=SC/UPC, 3=SC/APC,  N=No Connector, S=Customize
    99 - Average Power:   00=500mW, 01=1W, 05=5W, 10=10W, SS=Customize
    AA - Peak Power: 00=Continuous spectrum, 10=10kW, 20=20kW

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