Spatial Light Modulator

Based on the optical rotation effect of nematic liquid crystals, Spatial Light Modulators (SLM) are very suitable for modulating the phase, amplitude or polarization state of light.                                                             

The SLM is available in either single or dual mask configurations. The dual layer mask allows independent control of both phase and amplitude.

Spatial Light Modulator


  • A large number of LabView instruction set, MATLAB and C library, easy to operate

  • An analog-to-digital conversion port, can be used for such as pulse optimization feedback

  • Customize AR coating is available

  • Optional detachable lenses are available to assemble in a reflective configuration


High resolution modulation of phase and amplitude, especially suitable for pulse shaping of ultra-short pulses and high power lasers

Part Number Single Mask ConfigurationDual Mask Configuration
Active Area / mm264x1032x1364x1032x13
Number of Addressable Strips6403202x6402x320
Strip Size97μm (3.8mil) x10mm97μm (3.8mil) x13mm97μm (3.8mil) x10mm97μm (3.8mil) x13mm
Liquid Crystal Orientation (ne)0° Horizontal alignment,                                                     in other directions can be customized±45°
Transmission                                                               (@450nm...1100nm, Without Polarizers)>80%>75%
LC Gap3 μm (0.12 mil)
LC Tpyenematic
Phase modulation                  Phase shift@430nm             approx. 7 π
 Phase shift@ 1600 nmapprox. 2 π
Wavelength range430 nm ... 1600 nm
Driving voltage0 V ... 8 V | 0 V ... 5 V (switchable),12 bit resolution
Frame buffers0 ... 63
ADC port0 V ... 1.0 V , 12 bit resolution
InterfacesUSB 2.0 | Ethernet
Trigger in/outvia optocoupler
Functionsextended instruction set integrated in firmware
(based on SLM-S640/12 instruction set)
Antireflective coating (optional)customized coatings on request (broad or narrow band)
Mirror (optional)enabling operation in reflective configuration
(removable for operation in transmissive configuration)

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