Fiber Bragg Grating Pair

Specifications of Fiber Bragg Grating pair for Linearly Polarized Fiber Lasers

Performance Specifications: for part # PMFBG-Pair-1030-10/130
Reflectivity-for HR-FBG≥98%
Bandwidth -for HR-FBG0.25 – 2nm
Reflectivity-for OC- FBG8to 12%
Bandwidth -for OC- FBG0.15 -1nm
Note: The fast axis wavelength of HR-FBG matches the slow axis wavelength of OC-FBG
Fiber TypePM10/130(Optional)µm
Power handling (CWPump)20W
Packaging Specifications
Fiber coating for FBG section (or packaged)Low index coating-
Fiber leads0.8 to 1.1m

Note: The FBG pairs is for the fiber lasers of linearly polarized output, the HR-FBG splices to PM gain fiber with their axes aligned, and the OC-FBG splices to the PM gain fiber with their axes cross aligned.

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