IFA-100 can test the refractive index distribution of various types of optical fibers and give the 3D distributed refractive index distribution in the axial direction of optical fibers, which is of guiding significance for the fiber taper process, welding process, the preparation of fiber combiner coupler and the drawing of high-power active optical fibers. At the same time, IFA-100 can measure the stress and strain of optical fiber, the geometric parameters of optical fiber, the gain profile of Yb doped optical fiber, the phase refractive index, group refractive index and dispersion characteristics of the fiber's guided mode. We also provide optical fiber measurement services and consulting solutions.


Test the refractive index distribution of various types of optical fibers, such as SM, MM, PM optical fibers, Multi-core optical fibers, PCF, PM-PCF, Octagonal Yb doped optical fibers, Phosphate, Fluoride optical fibers, Plastic optical fibers, etc; The refractive index distribution of splices, tapers and couplers can be measured and the waveguide structure can be evaluated;

The 3D distributed refractive index distribution along the fiber axis is avaliable;

The IFA-100 Optical Fiber Analyzer uses transverse interferometry to sample. The IFA-100 consists of four components:

 (1) the system unit, also termed the interferometer;

 (2) the motion control module; 

 (3) the lightsource;

 (4) the desktop personal computer. Graphical user interface (GUI) software executing on the computer permits

the operator to conveniently control the system unit, measure fibers, and analyze data.

A fiber sample containing a short region of bare (uncoated) fiber is loaded into the system unit. Depending on the settings of the GUI, the system unit will measure the refractive index and/or the residual stress and/or fiber geometry of the fiber sample.Measurements obtained with the IFA-100 can be saved as ascii data files that can by imported into a wide variety of other software packages and programming environments. Measurements can also be save in a proprietary binary format that can subsequently be reloaded into the GUI. In addition, Interfiber Analysis also offers

an optional Computational Module that permits refractive index data acquired by the IFA-100 to be used to compute properties of the guided mode(s) of the fiber sample.

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