PM Tap + Isolator + Wavelength Division Multiplexer (PMTIWDM)
Product features:Application:
Low insertion lossFiber amplifier
High return lossPump laser
High extinction ratioOptical cutting
High isolationOptical research


Single / Dual stage-Single StageDual StageSingle StageDual Stage
Signal Wavelengthnm1064±51550±15
Signal Wavelength Rangenm1020~10801520~1580
Max. additional loss (λc, 23℃, Input→Output)dB2.
Min. Signal isolation (λc, 23℃, Output→Input)dB35452845
Channel IsolationInput→Output,Pump WavelengthdB30
Input→Pump,Signal WavelengthdB12
Tap End Spectral Ratio%1~50
Pump Wavelength Rangenm980±10
Max. Insertion Loss  (23℃, Pump Channel)dB0.7
Min. Extinction Ratio  (23℃)dB20
Minimum return lossdB50
Max. Handling Power (CW)mW300
Max. pull forceN5
Working temperature-5~+50
Storage temperature-40~+85

For the devices with connectors, IL will be 0.3dB higher, RL will be 5dB lower, and ER will be 2dB lower for each connector added. Connector key is aligned to low axis.


1111 - Center Wavelength:5598=T1550/R980nm, 0698=T1064/980nm

   2 - Working Axial Direction:1=①, 2=②, 3=③, 4=④, 5=⑤, 6=⑥

   3 - Single / Dual stage:S=Single Stage, D=Dual Stage
  44 - Beam Splitting Ratio:01=1%, 02=2%, ......, 50=50%

 555 - Fiber Type(In & Out):001=PM1550, 003=PM980, SSS=指定

 666 - Fiber Type(Pump):001=PM1550, 003=PM980, 004=HI1060, 008=SMF-28E, SSS=指定

 777 - Fiber Type(Tap):001=PM1550, 003=PM980, 004=HI1060, 008=SMF-28E, SSS=指定

   8 - Package Dimension:0=φ5.5x35mm, 1=φ5.5x50mm, S=定制

   9 - Fiber Pigtail Type:0=裸纤, 1=900μm松套管

   A - Fiber Pigtail Length:0.75=0.75m, 1.0=1m, 1.5=1.5m, S=指定

   B - Connector Type(In):0=FC/UPC, 1=FC/APC, 2=SC/UPC, 3=SC/APC, N=无接头, S=指定

   C - Connector Type(Out):0=FC/UPC, 1=FC/APC, 2=SC/UPC, 3=SC/APC, N=无接头, S=指定

   D - Connector Type(Pump):0=FC/UPC, 1=FC/APC, 2=SC/UPC, 3=SC/APC, N=无接头, S=指定

   E - Connector Type(Tap):0=FC/UPC, 1=FC/APC, 2=SC/UPC, 3=SC/APC, N=无接头, S=指定

For Example: PN# PMTIWDM-5598-1S01-001-003-001-00-0.75-NNNN:
PMTIWDM, T1550/R980, Optiaon 1(Forward Pump, Input→Tap: Dual Axis, Input→Output: Slow axis working/Fast axis blocked), Single stage, 1% splitting optics , in&out&tap: PM1550 fiber, Pump: PM980fiber, 5.5x35mm package dimension, Fiber pigtail 0.75m, without connector.

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